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Buy or hire flags

Production of flags

We produce national flags, family and club banners and flags. These can be sewn from loadable polyester or printed on different polyester fabrics. The printed version is usually the cheapest version. Even complicated flags or photos can be printed. The flags which are sewn in our house cost a little more, but they are high quality. The price of sewn flags varies depending on the pattern and number of colors. We will make you an offer, if you tell us how your banner should look like.

We can also print or embroider pennants, badges or buttons. This is particularly popular with clubs.

Some examples of our production:

  • Bootswimpel
  • Buergerfahne-Aesch-Haering
  • Buergerfahne-Aesch
  • Julius
  • Schroeder
  • Schweizerfahne
  • Schweizerfahne_Detail
  • abzeichen
  • scb2002-5

Buy Swiss flags

This is a price example for a Swiss flag in the size 120x120 cm:

Visit our online shop for the full selection of flags.

Hire flags

Besides canton flags and Swiss, we offer nation flags from over 100 nations. Contact us for sizes and countries.

Description Rent for 1 event
(150% for 2 events, 175% for 3 events...)
Canton flag 80x80cm / 100x100cm / 120x120cm Fr.   10.- to 14.-
Canton flag 150x150cm Fr.   23.-
Canton flag 200x200cm Fr.   28.-
Canton flag 250x250cm Fr.   46.-
Nation flag 40x60cm Fr.   10.-
Nation flag 60x90cm / 80x120cm Fr.   14.-
Nation flag 100x150cm Fr.   23.-
Nation flag 150x220cm Fr.   28.-
Nation flag 200x300cm Fr.   46.-
Nation flag 250x400cm Fr.   61.-
Swiss flag 80x80cm / 100x100cm / 120x120cm  Fr.   10.-
Swiss flag 150x150cm Fr.   14.-
Swiss flag 200x200cm Fr.   20.-
Swiss flag 250x250cm Fr.   23.-
Swiss flag 300x300cm Fr.   28.-
Swiss flag 500x500cm Fr.   61.-
All canton flags in a fow 80x80cm Fr. 219.-
All canton flags in a fow 100x100cm Fr. 290.-
All canton flags in a fow 150x150cm Fr. 581.-