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Hire Tuxedos, Tails and Cutaways

You have been invited to a formal ball, you are getting married soon or you are about to receive the Nobel Prize, and you are looking for the perfect evening wear for this occasion. At Kostüm Kaiser, we offer formal men's evening wear for rent, including tuxedos (black tie), tails (white tie), morning suits or dinner jackets, and accessories. Depending on availability, we can also offer a suit at affordable prices from our rental stock.

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We offer a large selection of high-quality evening wear from the exclusive Wilvorst collection in all popular sizes, including short and long sizes. Our tuxedos / black tie suits are available in classic cut and slimline.

If you would like to rent a tuxedo, tails or dinner jacket, it is best to come to our store for a fitting. This way, we can try on different options and see what suits you best. However, you can also provide us with your body measurements, and we will send your suit to you by post or have it ready for you to pick up. Accurate measurements are required, ideally taken by a second person.

Cutaway rental (morning coat)

For weddings - the traditional suit outfit for the groom and high official receptions - but only during the day.
The cutaway (known in England as morning coat) is the tails of the day - for events in the morning or until 6 P.M. you are dressed well and correctly with the cut. With the cut one should wear a pair of gray striped trousers, called stresemann, a gray gilet and a white shirt with a silver-gray tie or a wing collar shirt combined with a discreet gray plastron. The top of the outfit is of gray felt cylinder. In Great Britain colored jackets and ties or plastron are very popular - we offer the classic style.

Frack rental (white tie / tailcoat)

For high official balls, the Vienna Opera Ball and for large weddings - only in the evening from 6 P.M.
The king of festive dress for men: timeless, male, valuable - for official and festive occasions.
Combined with a tailcoat shirt, low-cut pique gilet, white bow tie and black patent leather shoes or elegant black Oxfords. A tailcoat in combination with a black bow tie is worn only by service personnel.
Optional: a black top hat and tailcoat wrap with white scarf.

Tuxedo rental (black tie)

For weddings, operas, concerts and balls as the Zurich Opera Ball.
The black tuxedo with pointed or shawl lapel is the right choice for official social events. To be worn with normal or wing collar shirts as well as a matching cummerbund and a bow tie.
What is the difference between a normal suit and a tuxedo? The tuxedo usually has either a single button or is double-breasted. The one button smoking can be worn open or closed while the double-breasted remains always closed. A tuxedo jacket has usually no slot on the back. Tuxedo trousers have a crease and a ribbon on the side that is matched with the lapel.

To rent a tuxedo, tails or a cutaway, it would be better to visit us for a fitting. Moreover you can send us your body measurements, then we will send your suit conveniently delivered by mail.

Rental prices

DescriptionRent for 1 event
(150% for 2 events, 175% for 3 events...)
Black suit
(veston, trousers, tie)
Fr. 166.-
Cutaway / morning suit
(grey cylinder, cut veston, gilet, stresemann trousers, plastron, handkerchief)
Fr. 260.-
Dinner-Jacket (white veston, black trousers, tie) Fr. 230.-
Frack / tailcoat (cylinder, frack veston, frack gilet, trousers, frack tie) Fr. 260.-
White frack (zylinder, white frack veston, frack gilet, white trousers, frack tie) Fr. 340.-
Tuxedo / black tie (smoking veston, smoking trousers, cummerbund, tie, handkerchief) Fr. 230.-
Spencer (spencer veston, trousers, tie) Fr. 230.-
Wing collar shirt Fr.   39.-
Patent leather shoe Fr.   39.-
Gilet (if separate) Fr.   66.-
Cummerbund (if separate) Fr.   22.-


We do have smokings, morning coats and tailcoats in sizes 44 to 60. We also have long sizes (90 - 114) as well as short sizes (24 - 31). For smokings in size 46 - 52 we do have Slimline versions.

To ensure that your suit fits you, visit us in Aesch. If this is not possible, you can send us your measurments online, by email or post . We rely on accurate measurements, which are ideally measured by a second person.