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Authentic uniforms from all eras:

Whether Napoleon's uniform with hist iconic hat, policeman or Swiss Army uniforms of all troops, our costume rental offers a variety of uniforms for rent. You will also find civilian uniforms such as those of bellboys or fantasy uniforms.
In addition to the uniforms and equipment, we have many years of experience and an extensive archive to be able to give you the best advice, even if you are looking for something very special.

  • Englischer_Gardist
  • Flieger
  • Husaren-Uniform
  • Kantonale-Ordonanz-Fusilier
  • Musketier
  • Polizist-Basel-Stadt-80er-Jahre
  • Renaissance-Landsknecht
  • Rococo_blau-rot
  • SBB-Kondukteur
  • Sowjetischer-Luftwaffe-General
  • Staenzler_um_1850
  • Stratosphaerenanzug_mit_Fallschirm_und_Helm

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Popular uniforms:


We offer police uniforms from many Swiss cantons, but above all the uniforms of the cantons of Baselland, Baselstadt, Bern and Zurich. We can also provide special police uniforms (back to the 19th century).

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

You can rent conductor and train drivers as well as SBB and railwaymen uniforms of the operating officers since the foundation of the SBB in 1902 until the 1990s.


You will find almost all uniforms of the Swiss Army from 1852 to modern times.You can also rent from us cantonal militias used before that time as well as international military uniforms.  

Aviation & Shipping

We have a large selection of different captain and pilot uniforms (e.g. Swissair or Crossair).