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Due to low demand we are currently only open on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please register for a visit by email.

Rent animal costumes

Dress up as a teddy bear or a cat. You can even rent the Easter Bunny from us. While some of our animal costumes look as real as possible, we can provide you with a number of fluffy mascots with big heads. These are particularly suitable for promotions or a surprise appearance at a birthday party.

  • Affe
  • Froschkoenig
  • allgemein-Tiere
  • baer

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Rental prices

Description Rent for 1 event
(150% for 2 events, 175% for 3 events...)
Monkey Fr. 154.-
Brown bear Fr. 174.-
Polar bear Fr. 174.-
Elephant (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
Donkey (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
Hare Fr. 174.-
Frog Fr. 174.-
Giraffe (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
Gorilla Fr. 174.-
Chicken Fr. 154.-
Kangaroo  Fr. 193.-
Camel (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
Cow (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
Cheetah Fr. 174.-
Mascot bee Fr. 174.-
Mascot dragon Fr. 174.-
Mascot hare Fr. 174.-
Mascot dog Fr. 174.-
Mascot cat Fr. 174.-
Mascot cow Fr. 174.-
Mascot parrot Fr. 174.-
Mascot snowman Fr. 174.-
Mascot teddy bear Fr. 174.-
Mascot racoon Fr. 174.-
Lion Fr. 174.-
Easter bunny Fr. 174.-
Horse (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
Chimpanzee Fr. 154.-
Pig Fr. 174.-
Bull (for 2 people) Fr. 174.-
Tiger Fr. 174.-
Zebra (for 2 people) Fr. 193.-
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